Mordovia State Medical University

The origins of National Research Ogarev's Mordovia State Medical University trace back to its establishment on 1 October 1931 as an agronomy pedagogical institute. It earned national research university status on 20 May 2010 and is situated in the capital city of Saransk, Russia. Mordovia State University Russia provides comprehensive educational programs, offering bachelor's and master's degrees across various academic disciplines. The university boasts an enrollment of 18,000 students, including approximately 6,000 international students hailing from countries such as India, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Oman, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and several African nations. With a focus on the medical field, the university features a highly qualified faculty equipped with modern teaching methodologies and practical expertise.

The National Research Ogarev's Mordovia State Medical University comprises several faculties, each offering a diverse array of courses. These faculties include:

– Faculty of Medicine
– Faculty of Philology
– Faculty of Biology
– Faculty of Foreign Languages, including French, German, and Spanish
– Faculty of Law or Jurisprudence
– Faculty of Geography
– Faculty of Economics
– Faculty of Civil Engineering and Building Construction
– Faculty of Electronics, among others.