MRCP UK Part 1 Overview With MOKSH

\The MRCP Part 1 evaluation covers a wide spectrum of medical knowledge, skills, and professional conduct as outlined in the UK Specialty Training Curriculum for Core Medical Training/Internal Medicine Training. Serving as the initial phase within the series of assessments tailored for trainees in the UK's Core Medical Training/Internal Medical Training program, MRCP UK Part One introduces unique content and enriches the learning journey for participants.

Eligibility Criteria for MRCP UK Part 1
Candidates eligible for the MRCPUK Part 1 exam must have a minimum of 12 months of postgraduate experience in medical practice.

MRCP UK Part 1 Exam Schedule for 2024
It is essential to adhere to the specified application dates for the MRCP part 1 exam.

UK-based candidates have the convenience of taking online exams from their respective locations. However, starting from the 2023/4 assessment cycle, international candidates are required to participate in centre-based exams.

MRCP UK Part 1 Application Deadlines and Exam Dates for 2024

| Application Period | Exam Date | Deadline | Results By |
| 2024/1 | 24-Jan-24 | 20-Nov-23 | 23-Feb-24 |
| 2024/2 | 17-Apr-24 | 19-Feb-24 | 17-May-24 |
| 2024/3 | 14-Aug-24 | 17-Jun-24 | 13-Sep-24 |
| 2024/4 | 16-Oct-24 | 19-Aug-24 | 15-Nov-24 |