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Native App Vs Hybrid App Which Platform Is Best

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Over 3.5 billion people use smartphones worldwide. Each user spends roughly 162 minutes a day on their smartphones . About 90% of their smartphone time is spent in mobile applications. The stats suggest how important mobile development is for businesses, big or small . There’re two approaches to mobile app development, native and hybrid. Each option has its share of pros and cons. Read on to know how they fare against each other on key parameters . 1.Native App vs. Hybrid App Comparison : A native app is software developed for a particular operating system, think Java for Android and Swift for iOS . The software is developed in line with technical and user experience requirements of the given OS. This translates into faster performance and a more immersive user experience . Built on the native language, these apps look and feel like the native apps of the device, and can achieve unity with the device’s in-built functions, such as camera, GPs, address book, and more.

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