Nephrologist – Janvi Multispeciality Hospital

Nephrology is categorised as the internal medicine’s subspecialty that identifies and treats all sorts of the kidney-related diseases. There are 2 kidneys in the human body; these bean-shaped organs are located on each side in the retroperitoneal space. The function of kidneys is to remove all the waste products as well as excess fluids from your body.

Many of the kidney complications are considered as the systematic disorders that aren’t limited to the organ itself. Such conditions require a specific treatment as well as an intense medical care.

The Nephrology department at Janvi Multispeciality Hospital offers extensive care to the patients suffering from chronic as well as acute kidney diseases. Our team of highly skilled and qualified doctors are renowned for providing the high-end treatment and facilities that help our patients get back to routine life and recover at a much faster rate.

Diseases Treated
Cancers of the kidneys, bladder, and urethra
Acute, sudden, long-term or chronic Renal failure
Kidney infections
Acid-base fluctuations.
Damage caused on kidneys due to effects of diabetes and hypertension
Kidney and bladder stones
Renal vascular diseases that disturb the blood vessel networks within the kidneys.
Tubulointerstitial diseases affecting the kidneys tubules
Ill effects of toxins and drugs on the kidneys
Nephrotic syndrome and nephritis
Autoimmune diseases including lupus and autoimmune vasculitis
Renal Transplantations
Anemia related to kidney disease.
Treatment for additional conditions
Electrolyte disorder
Diabetic Kidney disorder
Kidney failure
Kidney diseases
Lupus nephritis
Nephrotic Syndrome
Renal insufficiency
Polycystic Kidney disorder

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