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When it comes to oils, fluids and sealers used in automotive applications, here are some key points:
• Engine oil lubricates the internal components of the engine, reducing friction and wear. Common types are conventional, synthetic, and synthetic blends.
• Transmission fluid lubricates the transmission and allows proper operation of gears.
• Differential/Gear oil lubricates the differential and axle assemblies.
• Brake fluid allows the transfer of force from the brake pedal to the brakes.
• Coolant (antifreeze) circulates through the engine to absorb and transfer heat away.
• Power steering fluid enables the power steering system to operate properly.
• Windshield washer fluid cleans the windshield.
Sealers/Gasket Makers:
• RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) silicone sealers are used to seal gaskets, covers, sensors etc.
• Anaerobic gasket makers cure in the absence of air to form a tight seal between mating surfaces.
• Thread sealants (liquids/tapes) are used on pipe threads to prevent leaks.
It's crucial to use the correct type and grade of oil/fluid as specified by the vehicle manufacturer for optimal performance and longevity of components. Periodic fluid changes are also necessary maintenance items for most automotive oils and fluids.