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When you purchase a flight from one place to another without a return ticket, it's referred to as flying one-way. Booking a round-trip ticket, on the other hand, includes both the departure and return flights.
One-way flights can be advantageous for a number of reasons:

Travelers on one-way flights have the freedom to arrange their return trip independently. For people who are unsure of their trip itinerary or who want to remain longer at their location, this can be helpful.
Travel to Multiple Destinations: One-way flights are frequently utilized for travels including several cities or nations visited without going back to the starting location.

Moving or Relocating: Individuals who are moving to a different nation or city can get one-way tickets there and avoid having to purchase a return ticket.
Travelers planning round-the-world excursions may reserve a number of one-way flights to visit different locations all around the world.
It's important to take into account a number of things when purchasing a one-way ticket, including entry requirements, visa requirements, and possible additional expenses (like a higher rate compared to a round-trip ticket). Travelers should also make sure they have sufficient provisions for their return trip, including selecting their preferred mode of transportation, purchasing a separate one-way ticket, or making other arrangements.