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Popular Hindu Pilgrimage Places

Popular Hindu Pilgrimage Places

Submitted by • May 27, 2019

Nepal, the unique country with the scenic beauty and the pilgrimage place, here the different caste of people follow different religions and the differentiation of the religion and caste brings automatic difference in the pilgrimage monuments having their unique rituals and festival dates too. Below are the few Hindu Pilgrimage places which attract tourists and Hindu followers from all over the world for the sake of their religious benefit. Some of the Hindu Pilgrimage places are listed in the World Heritage Sites (UNESCO).
(A) Pashupatinath Temple
Pashupatinath is a structure with a rooftop and a brilliant tower. It is situated on the Western bank of Bagmati River and is viewed as a magnum opus of Hindu design. It is the cubic development with four principle entryways, all secured with silver sheets.
The two-storied rooftop is produced using copper and is secured with gold. This lavishly beautified temple with wooden models is accepted to make wishes work o

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