Tadoba jungle safari and resorts

"Tigers generate the most interest and occupy the top position in the food web but it is the forest in its entirety, all creatures great and small, that make this tiger reserve tick. Tadoba’s enchantment is in the southern tropical dry deciduous jungle with its myriad grasslands and waterbodies. It is in the groves of bamboo, a keystone plant in this landscape that supplements food availability for herbivores keeps invasive weeds at bay, and serves as both a safe harbor and ambush cover for different species. It is in the stunning variety of insect life and bird life: the azure dartles and the harvestmen, the lesser adjutant storks and the oriental magpie-robins, the Tickell’s blue flycatchers and the Indian silverbills. It is in the prey species, the wild pigs and sambar and chital, and in the predators, the jungle cats and wild dogs, the leopards and the mugger crocodiles, and the mighty tigers.