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The Rolling Pin Bakery in Toronto

Vanessa Baudanza and Isabelle Loiacono did what most great entrepreneurs do: bite off more than they could chew. They followed their dream of opening up a bakery in Toronto, completely disregarding... Read More

Best Bar in Lucknow………..

Our cozy lounge bar, a 5400 square feet expanse on the third floor, is an epitome of ‘social meets laid back’. Stirring some exceptional cocktails, tossing some amazing bites, and... Read More

Best Restaurant in Lucknow….

Plum - Rooftop Restaurant is our multi-cuisine terrace rooftop restaurant with comfortable, classy interiors and an alfresco space extending a stunning ambiance. The food and drinks menu has been curated... Read More

Best Bakery, Bar, Restaurant in Lucknow

As you enter our ground floor area, the whiff of fresh bakes will compel you to trace it to our bakery/ deli cafe. Order your packs of superlative cakes, muffins,... Read More