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Web Application Development Course

Web development is the process of enhancing the functionality of a website. Websites are constructed in a variety of ways, but every interaction between a user and a website is... Read More

To ensure that your child's future is good, they must work hard. Today, students must pass entrance examinations in order to get admission to the best universities. As a result,... Read More

Professional online courses have become the most significant advancement in modern education. We all know that education is the backbone of our country, so we must provide practical learning opportunities... Read More

With the new CBSE Syllabus 2021-2022, the CBSE official website has updated the Class 10 new pattern (Term 1 & 2). MCQ questions will be used exclusively in Term I,... Read More

Olympiads: A Habit or A Routine?

Olympiads aren't just another exam in your curriculum; they're also the simplest way to higher understanding of the concepts. Despite their many benefits, Olympiads are still seen as a pedagogy,... Read More

When your child enrolls in an online English-speaking course, they will benefit not only in learning and mastering the language but also in improving their memory. Learning a new language... Read More

Personality development is a critical and important process that entails strategic and comprehensive training to bring about positive change and improvement in a person's personality. The earlier you begin, the... Read More

Homework is one of the most effective ways for students to review what they learn in class. It aids comprehension and provides students with the opportunity to study practice, and... Read More

How To Prepare For The Immediate Transition To Online Education?

The human race faced numerous challenges as a result of the ‘COVID- 19' outbreak. We experienced a massive nationwide lockdown in 2020, and our student population was completely cut off... Read More

Small Things You Learn In Navodaya Vidyalaya

Small things play a very important role in everyone’s life. Important things which you learn in Navodaya are as follows: Adjustability (the most important thing) You live in a hostel starting... Read More