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The Enduring Mystery Of The Nazca Lines

The Enduring Mystery Of The Nazca Lines

Submitted by • April 1, 2020

But not so fast, as skeptics point out. Humans might be flesh and bones, but that doesn’t mean we can do the seemingly impossible. Surviving up to this day and coming up with technologies to build the civilized world is a mind-blowing achievement. That’s why there are reasons to doubt if people pointed out that some ancient wonders aren’t made by humans. We could consider their point that people back then don’t have the means to produce impressive feats of engineering. Possibly, our ancestors have extra hands to help them. Someone coming from another world.

Like those vast artworks across Peru that baffled mankind and inspired a genre of ancient astronaut theories.

Those mysterious lines known as the Nazca lines, the monumental sketches of figures stretching in the fields of Peru seems to be too much for the ancient people to make. At the same time, no one is sure what they are for. The mystery then leads some people to consider far-out answers, though skeptics felt that the explanat

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