The Family Law Court Proceedings On Alimony

Alimony is a prominent topic of discussion in divorces in & around the state. This is a payment paid to a former spouse following a divorce, often known as spousal support, but it is not obligatory in the state. Following the collapse of a marriage or legal separation, the Court has the jurisdiction to reject or limit assistance in quantity or time depending on both parties' capacity to support themselves & care for their own needs.

Following a divorce, alimony is awarded based on the parties' individual conditions, including the standard of living developed during the marriage, as well as the parties' desires and willingness to pay spousal support. When deciding the amount & duration of spousal support payments, the Court considers facts and circumstances to determine each party's respective needs and capacity to pay spousal support.

The Court may not rely on speculation to determine these items and must use evidence that is on the record and reasonable conclusions drawn from the evidence. Some of the factors weighed in making this decision include the ability of the parties to maintain the standard of living based on their earning capacities.

Also, contributions made to the spouse's education or training, the ability of the supporting spouse to make payments, the assets and debts of each party, and the duration of the marriage. The longer a spouse has been out of the job market since the marriage, the more likely it is that alimony may be awarded.

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