The Pupil Height Is Related To The Eyeglasses Frame

When undergoing optometry, it is best to first set the degree of myopia, and then add a little more astigmatism. Astigmatism is a double shadow, while myopia is blurry, similar but not quite the same. If the discount prescription glasses' degree of astigmatism is not high, and the degree of myopia is calibrated, the astigmatism is not timed, but only a double shadow.

So it is recommended to have myopia first. If the degree of myopia is high, the feeling is dizziness and bloating in the brain. Astigmatism is also known as the axial column. The astigmatism measured by computer testing is usually higher than the actual astigmatism. If the astigmatism ratio is increased, the intraocular pressure will significantly increase, and the eyes will become swollen and uncomfortable.

Moreover, high astigmatism can to some extent compensate for the lack of myopia. If the myopia is not properly matched, high astigmatism is added. For people with astigmatism, the axis is very important, and the axis column and axis are a pair.

Usually, the main eye of most people is the right eye, so when the right eye is the main eye, the axial position of the right eye is generally smaller than that of the left eye. If the axis of the eyeglass online is not aligned properly, it is obvious that one lens is close and the other lens is far, which is very uncomfortable.

Usually, the last measure of pupil height is not understood by many salespeople themselves, and they do not measure it for you because even if the pupil height is incorrect, there is no obvious discomfort. The pupil height is related to the eyeglass frame, and the corresponding position of the pupil is the thinnest point of the eyeglass lens and the center of the concave lens.