"""Tom Ford | Medusa Extracts | Indica AAAA """

It has a lovely deep purple and green kush with lighter coloured red fibres interspersed throughout the nug and covered in a mist of trichomes. Its taste is similar to its pink kush counterpart. With an earthy flavour, sweet undertones, followed by a woody finish. This strain packs one of the most potent hits of any of its kind. It provides the user with a euphoric engaging experience that will be felt in the first few seconds of use. It provides the user with a knockout punch. It’s an immersive, euphoric full-body experience. Once the euphoria has set, the experience transforms into a body-melting relaxation. Due to the anesthetic qualities, it’s highly effective for treating chronic pain at 23-25% THC. It’s often used to replace prescription pain medication. In addition to treating pain, it can also work for insomnia. When you need a strain that tastes great and has formidable effects, then Tom Ford is the choice for you.