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n the automotive industry, numerous tools and equipment are used for various purposes, including repair, maintenance, and manufacturing. Here are some of the commonly used tools and equipment:
1. Hand tools:
– Wrenches (open-end, box-end, combination, ratcheting), Sockets and ratchets, Screwdrivers (flat-head, Phillips, Torx, etc.), Pliers (slip-joint, locking, needle-nose, etc.), Hammers (ball-peen, dead-blow, rubber mallet), Pry bars and trim removal tools, Wire strippers and crimpers
2. Power tools:
– Impact wrenches (air or electric), Drills (corded or cordless), Grinders (angle grinders, die grinders), Saws (reciprocating, circular, jigsaw), Pneumatic tools (air ratchets, air hammers, air chisels)
3. Diagnostic tools:
– Scan tools (OBD-II scanners, code readers), Multimeters, Circuit testers, Compression testers, Vacuum gauges, Timing lights, Borescopes and inspection cameras
4. Lifting and jacking equipment:
– Floor jacks, Jack stands, Hydraulic lifts (two-post, four-post, in-ground), Engine hoists and cherry pickers
5. Specialty tools:
– Pullers (bearing, gear, etc.), Brake tools (caliper compressors, brake bleeders), Torque wrenches, Locking pliers (Vise-Grips), Wheel alignment equipment, Tire changers and balancers
6. Lubrication and fluid transfer equipment:
– Grease guns, Oil drain pans, Fluid transfer pumps, Funnels and pour spouts
7. Shop equipment:
– Workbenches and tool chests, Parts washers, Air compressors, Welding equipment, Hydraulic presses
These tools and equipment are essential for professionals working in automotive repair shops, dealerships, and manufacturing facilities to perform their tasks efficiently and safely.