Web Application Development Course

Web development is the process of enhancing the functionality of a website. Websites are constructed in a variety of ways, but every interaction between a user and a website is governed by three basic components.

Client or Frontend: The local computer, device, or browser is referred to as the client or frontend. In this scenario, the major problem is ensuring that a website works flawlessly across all browsers.

Server or Backend: The server, often known as the backend, is responsible for site code generation and database management. The server is a remote computer that runs "on the other side" and is in charge of site code generation and database management.

Database: An online database, as opposed to one whose data is saved on a desktop or associated storage, can be accessed over a local network or the internet. They are hosted on websites and are used for both business and personal purposes. They are software as a service (SaaS) products, which means they can be accessed through a web browser. A logged-in user's account information, for example, is maintained in the database.

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