What are the different types of crochet yarn?

With the right amount of yarn, weight, color, fibers and experience, crocheting can be your absolute favorite exercise in the world. It is impossible not to get addicted to such a wonderful craft. Whether you enjoy it or absolutely despise the craft depends on getting a combination of two things right – The right mindset and the right yarn.

In today’s post, let's learn about the different types of crochet yarn and how you can choose the right yarn to make the most of your projects.

Most yarns are categorized into natural or artificial yarn. As the name suggests, natural yarn is naturally sourced from nature while artificial yarn is manmade. Sometimes, you can also use a hybrid plant-based fiber that is both naturally sourced and synthesized in factories.

Before we get into depth about the hundreds of different types of yarns and their blends available in the market, let’s look at the most popular yarns for crocheting.

Acrylic Yarn

Acrylic is perhaps the most widely preferred yarn for crocheting yarn. It is a man-made yarn that is highly economical and easy to work with. It comes in a variety of sizes, gauges and colors. It is durable and resilient to work with. Once done, your project will remain as it is for years to come.

Since most crocheting items are household items, home décor products, cute gifts, amigurumi, acrylic yarn works best for any kind of crocheter.

Acrylic yarn – Very durable material, lasts for years and is easy to crochet.

Nylon Yarn

Nylon is another man-made yarn that is also known for its ease of usage. It is great for light projects and especially those that demand a luxurious sheen and shimmery soft feeling. Its elasticity comes particularly handy while knitting socks, laces or any other delicate projects.

Nylon yarn – Great elasticity and durability. Blends well with other yarns

Cotton and Blend Yarn

Cotton yarn is the perfect choice when you are looking to crochet something suitable for summer. Also, if you are looking to crochet

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