What is social recruiting? And Its Benefits

What is social recruiting?

Social recruiting also known as social hiring or social media recruitment is the system used to find potential candidates by using social platforms for advertising.

It uses blog’s, social media profiles and other websites to find information on potential candidates, it also makes use of advertising the vacancy on HR vendor sites or crowdsourcing platforms – a platform where job seekers share and find job openings within their own social networks.

Social recruitment has progressed at a fast pace and enjoys a good place in fast-moving places like social networking, recruitment and also cloud computing. Another hot trend is, mobile recruiting, which has been on the rise thanks to the increase in tablet and smartphone users.

Here are a few benefits of using Social Recruiting :

1) Better Exposure of Vacancy

Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn have around a billion users each. Sharing your job postings on these sites increases your chances of coming across top talent.

2) Better Quality Candidates

You can target potential candidates by demographics interests or skills and even based on work history. This ensures that you will get the best possible fit for the profile you are looking for.

3) Exposure of Employer Brand

Social recruiting always increases the visibility of The organizations brand, and also helps establishing a powerful social presence for your employer brand.

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