What is the angel’s share in whiskeys and why are they so valued

The first reason for the high price of whiskey bottles is something known as the "Angel's Share." A superb whiskey is matured in a hardwood barrel for many years. Natural evaporation removes between 1% and 2% of the alcohol from the cask each year. This is referred to as the Angel's share. About 30% to 40% of the alcohol in a bottle of whiskey that has been aged for 30 years has evaporated. As a result, whiskeys that have been aged for a longer period of time have less liquid in the barrel than whiskeys that have been aged for a shorter period of time. Because there is less whiskey left to bottle, the liquor is more scarce, raising the price. During all these years, the distillery has to pay for the storage space, and they obviously can not store another barrel in its place. Therefore, older whiskeys are more expensive for the distillery to make. You can order these whiskeys online and look for alcohol delivery online.

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