what is the price of Jindal steel 12mm price today

Jindal tmt is one of the top brand of steel tmt in India. The price of jindal tmt varies from dias to dias in 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, and 32mm sizes. And the weight of 12 mm tmt is 10.6 kg per piece. The price of per peace Jindal tmt is 695 per peace in Bihar today. The price varies from location to location based on the transportation and location of delivery. As per studies, Jindal and Tata are the top-selling steel tmts, and out of these, Jindal is more popular. The length of Jindal TM is 38 feet. Jindal steel is of different varieties, like Jindal panther, JSW, and other varieties. JSW stands for Jindal Educational and Medical Trust. JSW and JSPl are the steel varieties in Jindal Steel. As per Nifty, it was found that JSPL has shown more growth compared to other varieties. another top-selling brand is TATA, As per market research, it was found that TATA is more costly steel than any other brand because of its huge market in european countries .