What is your favorite homemade cake?

My beloved cake is Eggless cake. I find that eggless recipes are those food items that have been cooked with an egg substitute or no egg at all. Although eggs are high in protein, several people shy aside from consuming eggs and prefer to spend eggless food instead. People who are vegetarians or vegans for religious ideas or fitness try to eat food that is loose of the egg. Being a vegan is more a lifestyle choice than a philosophy. Having animal fats and proteins has been determined by research to boost one’s risk of disease, heart disease, hypertension, and rheumatoid disease. With many people embracing veganism because of religious or lifestyle reasons the eggless trot is becoming increasingly popular. Eggless cake comes in sumptuous categories from black brush, chocolate truffle, pineapple, butterscotch, vanilla, and cheesecake to name a few. Eggless cakes can be consumed without guilt and they make excellent Birthday trot.