Why BBM's P20 Rice Is as Real as Tallano Gold

We know that the fabled Tallano Gold is a gag, Ferdinand Marcos’ son is about to make another ridiculous claim.

Before Rodrigo Duterte became president, he made a bold statement about streaking in the contested West Philippine Sea on a jet ski. This was after he was asked questions regarding the Chinese incursions in the said area, which troubled the fishermen and spoiled the resources with their artificial islands. It later became clear that those artificial islands were no innocent structures, but intended for Chinese military base. And after Duterte became president, it also became clear that he had no intentions of making a stand on the West Philippine Sea, and even maintained a friendly relationship with China at the cost of economic zones, and the safety of the fishermen. His jet ski rhetoric then became an infamous symbol of his administration's empty promises. As what the critics pointed out, it was all bravado, and no action, and at some point, a low-level deception.

And when Duterte’s term nears its end, the people then made a rather odd choice for his successor. During the 2022 Philippine national election, Ferdinand Marcos Jr. (or Bongbong) won via landslide victory, which puzzled some observers. Bongbong Marcos is the son of the older Ferdinand, a known dictator with a track record of theft, corruptions and human rights abuses. Bongbong himself has controversies to boasts, like his unpaid taxes and fabricated Oxford credentials. Yet, the people still voted for him despite of the massive red flag in his resume. The problem here is that his platforms for presidency is not clear, though like his predecessor he also made a rather bold promise.

He will reduce the price of rice to P20 a kilo. That is less than half a dollar.

The Claim
Marcos Jr. during campaign.

Firstly, we need to go back where it all started. It was first reported last April 2022 by various news outlet, like the Philippine Daily Inquirer (April 18, 2022). In an interview, Bongbong Marc