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Why China Is Responsible For The COVID 19 Outbreak

Why China Is Responsible For The COVID 19 Outbreak

Submitted by • April 1, 2020

The People’s Republic of China was known as the Bully of Asia for a reason. Just try sailing in the West Philippine Sea and chances are, their Coast Guard will block you for entering their “territory.” And consider yourself lucky if you managed to venture deep enough to see their artificial islands, which by the way are military bases.

And the areas in the West Philippine Sea is not even their valid territory to begin with.

To make matters worse a certain leader in South East Asia refused to stand his ground against Chinese incursions, contributing to the worsening crisis. Don’t know, maybe he is too afraid or something.

Arrogance is what China showed in West Philippine Sea. And that same kind of oppression now sickened many in the world. Literally. China got the chance to act swift, but they don’t want to lose face in the world. And look at the result now. Thanks to them, the world is now under a pandemic.

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