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Visit The Best Agribusiness Management University in India | CAMUTKAL

In the heartland of India’s agricultural landscape, an institution has emerged as a beacon of excellence in the field of agribusiness management. CAMUTKAL stands tall as the epitome of education... Read More

Visit The Best Agribusiness Management University in India | CAMUTKAL

Recognizing the importance of entrepreneurship in agribusiness, CAMUTKAL has established a thriving ecosystem that nurtures budding entrepreneurs. Start-up incubators, mentorship programs, and access to venture capital are just a few... Read More

You can earn from an agriculture farmland through various avenues such as crop cultivation, livestock farming, and value-added product production. Choose crops or livestock suitable for your region and market... Read More

MYCO-PEP: The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Plant Ally

Unleash the full potential of your plants with MyCO PEP, the eco-friendly solution for phosphate solubilization and nutrient mobilization. Our product is enriched with Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (VAM) fungi, both... Read More

Emamectin benzoate 1.9% EC stands as a robust insecticide in the agricultural industry. This compound belongs to the avermectin class and exhibits remarkable effectiveness against the spectrum of damaging pests.... Read More

Cocoa, also known as the cocoa bean, is a tropical crop primarily cultivated for its seeds, which are utilized in the production of cocoa powder and chocolate. However, cocoa production... Read More

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