Location: Egypt

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You should visit Dahab if you enjoy the fresh, pleasant weather that is combined with complete tranquilly. Walk on On a camel, you will follow the Bedouins to the Bedouin... Read More

During the night at Wadi El Hitan, you may relax in tents. Bright stars are seen in the sky above you. There are unique, uncommon creatures and flora in Wadi... Read More

As you journey to Alexandria, let the Mediterranean Sea follow you. While in Rome, you will be able to explore one of its most important historical sites. Through alleys constructed... Read More

It's time to visit Theba, Luxor, right? A world's largest open museum awaits you there. One-third of the world's monuments are found in this city, which is home to colossal... Read More

Borders transport you to a pristine white sky that fills your spirit with fresh warm breezes. During this time, your eyes will be captivated by this blue gradient of pure... Read More

The Pyramid of Khufu is the only one of the ancient world marvels that has survived (2589-2566 BC). In addition, you may encounter the pharaohs' guard (2613-2494 BC) who has... Read More

The centuries-old tiles will take you on a journey through history. Since 1087, there has been a gate between two great towers in Cairo. If you enter through this gate,... Read More

Make it a day you will never forget by walking to Abu Simbel's two spectacular rock-carved temples. Ramses II had a magnificent tour planned for you thousands of years ago.... Read More

With Sharm El Sheikh Excursions, the coral reefs, vivid marine formations, unusual sea critters, and innumerable colourful and mesmerising fishes are all at your fingertips. You can experience the Red... Read More