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We are a leading Acid Dyes Manufacturers & Suppliers in India. Our Acid dyes are utilised in the process of dyeing and colouring protein and animal fibres like wool, nylon,... Read More

We are manufacturer and supplier of Zeolite 4A, Zeolite Detergent Grade, Zeolite 4A Detergent Grade in India. Metro Chem Industries is one of the independent manufactures of zeolites powder (MCIZ4A... Read More

Modified Sodium Disilicate Manufacturers & Suppliers in India. Replace STPP in detergent powder making; free-phosphate or low-phosphate detergent powder.if you want more information about the site or any other then... Read More

Sealants, Pu Foam, Adhesives, Tapes, Coating Paints – AL Muqarram Industry

AL Muqarram Industry is one of the largest manufacturers of Sealants, Tapes, PU foam, waterproofing coating, auto care products, and Aerosols headquartered in Sharjah UAE.Our products offer a wide range... Read More

Corrugation Gum Powder, Industrial Adhesive Powder, Gum powder Manufacturer

Bharat Starch is Engaged in Manufacturing and Supplying A Range of Modified Starches, Oxidized Starch, Cationic Starch, Spray Starch, White & Yellow Dextrin, Pasting & Corrugation Gum, Paper Tube Gum,... Read More

Septic Tank Problems Septic system Problems are essential components of residential and commercial wastewater systems. However, they are not impervious to issues that can seriously harm the environment, the property,... Read More

POLYALK TF: Bonding agent for fixing all types of tiles POLYALK TA: Polymer-modified cementitious tile adhesive application POLYALK TG: Cementitious tile grout HACK AID PLAST TF: Specialised... Read More

SUNPOLICURE W: Water-based curing compound SUNPOLICURE I: Internal curing admixture SUNPOLICURE A: Clear and pigmented acrylic curing compound All general concrete applications such as RCC slabs, RCC beams, and... Read More

Intumescent paints are used for passive fire protection. They can be applied using airless spray equipment for speed and quality finish, or you can even use sizeable plural spray equipment.... Read More

POLYEXPANSE: (M-45/M-65/M-80) Non-shrink free flow cementitious grout SUNEPOXY 300: Low exotherm, high strength epoxy resin free flow grout SUNGEOGROUT: Low-viscosity grout for stabilization and consolidation of sandy/silty soil... Read More