Location: Mozambique

Genius Education ERP offers state-of-the-art Financial Management System Software for Mozambique clients in cities like Maputo, Nampula, and Beira. Our School Financial Management ERP System, College Financial Management System, Institute Financial Management System, and University Financial Management System are tailored to... Read More

Genius Education Management offers comprehensive Student Fees Management Software in Mozambique cities Maputo, Matola, Beira, Nampula, etc., with advanced features such as student fee collection software, school fee management software, and School Fee Collection Software. Our software... Read More

Genius Education ERP Software offers an Online Attendance System for schools in Mozambique and various cities like Matola, Maputo, Nampula, Beira, etc., to efficiently manage student attendance. Our School Attendance Management software lets Mozambique schools easily track student... Read More

Genius Education ERP Software offers an efficient School Employee Management System and College Employee Management System to streamline HR processes. Our user-friendly School Employee Management Application and College Employee Management Application simplify employee data management, payroll, attendance tracking, and... Read More