Paypal Pro Enrolment & Discount Coupon

Streamline your enrolment process and boost revenue with our powerful PayPal Pro Enrolment plugin for Moodle. This user-friendly extension seamlessly integrates PayPal Pro into your Moodle platform, enabling students to pay for courses directly during enrolment.

Key Benefits:

Effortless Enrolment with PayPal: Provide students with a convenient and secure way to pay using their preferred PayPal accounts.
Enhanced User Experience: Simplify the enrolment process, reducing friction and encouraging more course registrations.
Automatic Fee Collection: Automate fee collection and eliminate the need for manual invoicing or chasing payments.
Increased Sales Conversions: Streamlined enrolment can lead to higher conversion rates and improved course sales.
Secure Transactions: Leverage the robust security of PayPal Pro to ensure safe and reliable payment processing.
Boost your Moodle platform's efficiency and revenue potential with PayPal Pro Enrolment. Get started today!